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Brutal Bono’s bike accident – Again?


After Bono’s bike accident in New York he decided to get back on a bike for the first time, I guess this is what happens when you are not wearing any Oxigen’s reflective products to be seen. Watch…

In The Look Of Bike Tattoo Ideas


There is something about Bikes and Tattoos that I feel like they go together, thinking that it was just me I decided to browse on Instagram in the look of bike tatoo ideas to see if there was…

Danny MacAskill – Rider of the day

Rider of the day

OK, so this post will be part of a series that I will dedicate to the amazing riders out there that we might or might not know, my featured rider this time is Danny MacAskill, an Scottish trials…

Lock it or lose it


It’s a growing problem in most major cities, and with more people cycling these days, and many cycling nicer bikes, there is always a risk of having your bike taken. We know from bitter experience how rotten it…

Fixed On Fixed

Fixies, Video

Fixed On Fixed is a short film clip profiling five female bicycle riders and their love of riding fixed gear. Riding fixed gear is not only about the bike but also the community that comes with it and…